Olimpo Handcrafted Greek Sandals takes you through time from ancient Greece and around the world. Our luxury sandal brand uses traditional techniquesย to treat and turn fine leather into a unique piece of art. They are made on the island of Crete, known for their expert craftsmanship and knowledge.
Sandals are an everlasting product that offers high quality along with it’s modern and classic design.
Sandals are timeless. A lifestyle, a sensation of freedom while walking almost barefoot benefiting your body with the energy of the earth.



Our aim is to create a different concept, a journey from the ancient Greece to the ancient world, showing the common elements of ancient cultures and bringing them together.
Each name is given after old languages, tribe dialects, ancient Gods – Goddesses, figures from history, inspiring people, and even geometrical shapes.
The conception of the names comes from the aesthetic and the feeling we get from each pair.


Meet the Creative Director

According to Greek Mythology, the Olympus Mountain was the house of all Greek Gods and protected the city of Thessaloniki where Kleopatra Tsompani our Creative Director was born and raised.

Her restless spirit and intellectual curiosity led her move to Paris, the capital of fashion world where she has been living the past ten years and has worked with some of the most iconic brands in the fashion industry.
She has travelled around the world immersing herself into other cultures and civilizations, and inspired by her heritage she decides to realize her dream by creating her own sandal brand and name it after the Olympus Mountain which was always adorning her house view.
All these experiences has influenced her designs making sandals more than something you wear, they are our common ground uniting people of all different cultures, ethnicities, and experiences.