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An article from journalist, Vaggeli Stolaki for the Greek Newspaper


The girl from Thessaloniki who left Gucci…for ancient greek sandals!

She left her work at major fashion houses, including Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin, and returned to her hometown, Thessaloniki to make her dream come true. What was that? Design hand-made sandals, inspired by various cultures of the world (of course also the ancient Greek) in different colors.

The reason for Cleopatra Tsobani, just 30 years old. Born in Kalamaria, after completing her studies in Thessaloniki, she left the city in 2007 for Paris. There she studied hotel business and worked in luxury hotels overlooking the … Eiffel tower. She then worked in sales and PR with strong companies in the fashion industry. Among them, she collaborated with Gucci, Alexander McQueen and Christian Louboutin.

In Paris she began … to design her own sandals. Tired to hear only bad comments about Greece, she took the decision to return to her country in February 2017 and set up her own business. An online store which she sells her creations, handcrafted sandals with the signature Olimpo. During her stay in the French capital, she was in an open line of communication with producers and leather traders from different places of the country.

The process…

Her handmade sandals are already highly demanded. She says she is inspired by “pyramids, the world’s tribes, cultures and civilizations. I close my eyes and imagine my leather handmade sandals. I then draw them, we pass through the pattern cutting and the production process begins, “says the young designer at Karfitsa, speaking of how and when her thoughts … are being implemented. Her first collection is influenced by Egyptian pyramids, shapes and it listens to PYRAMIDS. “The difficulty in this project was that each pyramid had to be designed in different sizes for numbers from 36 to 42,” says Mrs. Tsobani.

“Every sandal is inspired by world’s history, ancient dialects, ancient and non-cultures, people who have inspired me, and above all the feeling I want to give the people, to understand our philosophy. The first collection is a collection of introduction. The concept is based on simplicity and minimalism and is a premonition of what will follow. The colors embellish our lives, so I chose to use bright colors in addition to the classic color we are used to seeing in a sandal. I would like to work with even more colors in the future because I think that colors give the sandal a special touch and character, “she says”.

She also states that although her aim is the foreign market, she preferred to operate in Greece in an attempt to help the Greek producers and on the other hand because she was tired to hear bad criticism about her country.

Just arrived from Kenya…

The young Cleopatra returned a few days ago from Kenya, as her next collection will be influenced by Africa. She believes that the culture of the region will inspire her for the limited edition collection she wants to design. At the same time, having two suitcases of sandals in her hands, she donated a pair to each child of a Kenyan school. “I want from the money I make to develop other activities by helping people in need. Above all, we are all human beings “, says Mrs. Tsobani.

Speaking of the difficulties she encountered in creating her own start up business says: “The hardest part is finding what you want and loving it. A young woman with dreams and vision can do everything. There is no better timing, there is only the determination and the courage to create something of yours. My own difficulties were to find people who have the same vision but also the same discipline and respect. But as long as you search, you find and continue”, she concludes.

(It is noted that the handmade sandals with the signature of Cleopatra Tsobani cost from 95 to 150 euros.)

We were sponsors at a fundraising event ”Somewhere in Africa…While in Jamaica” with purpose to help build ”A Handmade School for Ghana” .  A Music and Dance Show that made us travel through some of  the most beautiful African countries and the island of Jamaica.

The project is an initiative for building a school in Rural Ghana. A handmade classroom for Abetenim community in rural Ghana using local and recycled materials, traditional construction techniques plus innovative practices with collaborative construction methods.

40 Greek Volunteers will leave the country in July 2017 for 3 months, for the construction of the school.

We wish them Good Luck and we are always here to support Good Actions!