The natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather passes through an aging process which is a slow natural chromatic change revealing the charm, value, prestige and unique identity of the product.

Due to the lack of additional treatment, vachetta leather is sensitive to what it comes to humidity, stains and scratches. When you treat vachetta leather right, it is long-lasting as other leather types, despite of itโ€™s delicate nature.


To protect yourย Leather Sandals:

  • Keep your Sandals away from water.
  • If the Sandals get wet, let them dry outdoors.
  • Store them in the dust bag we provided or a cotton bag.
  • The leather needs to breath so do not use any plastic bags.
  • Do not use any cleansers or conditioners that contain lanolin.
  • Do not spot clean vachetta.
  • Avoid contact with any chemicals, perfumes, make-up, sanitizers.
  • Conditioners designed for leather might expedite the darkening of vachetta leather.

Thank you for following our advices and please take good care of your Handcrafted (with love) Natural Leather Sandals.